Rock Climbing Peak District

Rock Climbing Peak District

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Hard Rock Guiding Experience

"Right Unconquerable", "Valkyrie", "Sirplum", "Suicide Wall", "Elder Crack", "Alcasan", "Debauchery" and "The Chee Tor Girdle" - together these routes make up the Peak section of Ken Wilsons's 1974 book Hard Rock. In 2007 Rich Mayfield and Mark Stevenson made famous the ultimate Rock Climbing challenge when they managed to climb all 60 routes in just 35 days covering the whole of the UK. Since then, just like the routes, the book and its obvious challenge have become legend in the 'trad' world.

Over the years it has become very popular for climbers to test themselves against the best of what rock climbing has to offer and we have extensive knowledge of these routes and areas so can not only help you tick off the Peak District section of the book but give you an insight into their history.

This challenge is suitable for any climber with extensive experience in hard rock climbing. In order to tick all 8 routes you need to be fit and we will need 3 days, however that does not need to be the point of this course. For example in a weekend we can concentrate on one or two routes and fill the rest of our time on the hundreds of other classic hard rock routes the Peak has to offer. Give us a call to find out if we can design a challenge for you.