Rock Climbing Peak District

Rock Climbing Peak District

Mountain Training Association

Advanced Instruction - Sport Climbing

Planning a holiday to a sun soaked sport venue? Or, have you just always wanted to try out the biggest most popular global discipline of climbing. Essentially this course will teach you all you need to know about the sport of climbing!

The course can be run for all abilities, will be designed around personal goals and always run with a fully qualified and experienced coach (see instructors). However, some climbing experience is necessary and all participants will be required to belay. Leading experience indoors is advantage but not essential. Gear can be provided but if you have it bring it.

The course will cover technical aspect of sport climbing, however a large focus of this course is on personal climbing improvement.

Aspects covered include

  • The how to's and don't do's of sport climbing
  • Analysis of personal climbing
  • Error correction and technique improvement
  • Strategies to maximise success
  • What is training? And what could you do?
  • Guidebooks
  • Equipment
  • Where to go next

This course is best run in small groups (2 to 6).